Trust Bank Welcome Bonus: Get $35 NTUC FairPrice Voucher (Referral code: P8DYKA6G)

I have recently signed-up for a Trust Bank credit card because of its generous welcome bonus, which is S$35 FairPrice vouchers.

I wanted to share this here because I figured someone might be benefited from this promotion. S$35 for a 15-minute effort is like a free money in my opinion!

In case you’ve never heard of Trust Bank, it is a new digital bank by Standard Chartered and NTUC. Currently, the bank offers credit card, debit card, saving account and insurance.

New users who register a credit card account with Trust Bank will receive:

  • S$10 FairPrice voucher when you sign up for either credit card or savings account with referral code P8DYKA6G (no code, no $10 voucher)
  • S$25 FairPrice voucher when you either:
    • make your first card spend as a Trust credit card, OR
    • make your first S$500 deposit to your Trust saving account
  • 1 kg rice from FairPrice if you sign up before 30 Sept 2023

For transparency, if you sign up with my code, I will get S$10 FairPrice Voucher as well.

Here’s how to get Trust Bank Welcome Bonus

Step 1:

Go to and download the mobile app.

Step 2:

Register for a new account with referral code P8DYKA6G to get the S$10 FairPrice Voucher.

Registering with Trust Bank
Register with referral code to get S$10 FP voucher

Step 3:

Apply for credit card. Allow Myinfo to retrieve your particulars and you’ll get approval in just a few minutes if you meet their requirements.

Applying Trust Bank credit card
Apply for credit card

Income requirement for Trust Bank credit card:

  1. Singaporean citizen or PR aged 21 years to 70 years: annual income of SGD 30,000.
  2. Foreigner with a valid work pass: annual income of SGD 60,000.

Based on my own and my friend’s experience, salaried employees usually get instant approval, while self-employed people need to wait for the bank’s review (which will take up to 3 business days).

I’m a self-employed person and I get approved in 3.5 hours.

Step 4:

After you get approved, you’ll be asked to decide your card limit and card repayment date. Once done, your digital card is ready!

Trust Bank - Setting Limit and Repayment Date
Setting card limit and repayment date

For me, I already have a Standard Chartered credit card, so my credit limit is shared between my SCB card and Trust card.

You can view your rewards at Rewards > Coupons > My Coupons.

Trust Bank - Viewing Your Rewards
How to view your rewards

You can view your card details at Money > View and manage card.

Trust Bank - Viewing Your Card Details
How to view your card details

Step 5:

Make 1 transaction with your credit card. After that, you will immediately receive S$25 FairPrice voucher in your Coupon section.

So, that’s it! Hope you enjoy your S$35 vouchers!

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  1. c

    Didnt buy you a coffee but used your code. Keep writing! Rather neat site compared to …many others.

    1. prudentdreamer

      Hi c, thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Thanks for your compliment regarding site design 🙂

  2. Maox

    I’ve used your referral code. Hope this encourages you guys to continue writing this blog! Cheers.

    1. prudentdreamer

      Hi Maox, thank you so much. It definitely helps to keep this blog going 🙂 Cheers! Hope you enjoy your welcome bonus!

      1. Irene Agc

        I applied for a Debit Card & received a $25 Ntuc evoucher after made 1st payment today, Yeah!!!!

        1. prudentdreamer

          Hi Irene, thanks for your useful feedback, congrats for getting your $25 voucher!

  3. Lam

    Is it possible to add this card to fairprice app and samsung pay? I got error when do that

    1. prudentdreamer

      Hi Lam, I have no issue adding the card to gpay and fairprice app.

  4. kez

    In your My Coupons page, there are only 2 coupons (free bf set & $10); there is no free rice. Any updates on that? Thanks.

    1. prudentdreamer

      I didn’t get rice when I signed up on 2 Sep too. But the next day, after updating the app, the rice appeared in my coupon.

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